The Podcast

I will be doing a weekly podcast on a variety of subjects. So, look us up, and if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Interview with Stand Up Mi

An interview with
Justin Barclay

An interview with
Angela Rigas

An interview with Skip Coryell from Front Lines Of Freedom

Get Ready!

Pastor Austin T Kreutz

Austin T Kreutz

An analysis of what the Church may look like in the near future

Ronnie Ewing

A most unusual ministry

Pastor Che Ahn And California Church Persecution

Dr. Christina Parks Ph.D. Coronavirus & what YOU need to know

An Intreview with Bradlle Dean

An interview with Dave Agema

An Interview With

Lt. Col. Denny Gillem

An Interview with Lynda Leibrock

Interview with General "Jerry" Boykin.

Monday's Press Conference with

Karl Mankie and

David Kallman

The incredible story of

Sunshine Esther

An Interview With

Apostle Ellis Smith

Fool Coverage.

Have We Been Fooled About


An Interview with

Trevor Loudon concerning the Enemies Within

The Church

An Interview with Patrick Colbeck


An Interview with Gina Johnsen

 Michigan Capitol

Rally April 30, 2020

Katherine Henry 

Earth Day??

An Interview with Peter Siakama about ministry Church and House Churches 

A Bigger Crisis

Never let a Crisis . . .

Why the Coronavirus should be a wake up call for the Church!

What a week & What is happening. 2/20/20

Manager or Innovator?

Is Christianity like a Chinese Buffet?